Climate Change Economics Lunch

We eat and discuss climate economics from 12:30-2 in the Matrix.

Fall 2019 Schedule

9/10/2019 Topic: Reading Club
"The GDP Temperature Relationship: Implications for Climate Change Damages"
9/24/2019 Guest speaker
Michael White (Nature)
Topic: TBA
10/8/2019 Guest speaker
Antony Millner (London School of Economics)
Topic: TBA
10/22/2019 Egg Timer Presentations
Topic: Current Research from CCE Lunch Members
11/5/2019 Internal Speaker
Nick Hagerty (UC Berkeley)
Topic: TBA
**Note Room Change: We will meet in 220 McCone Hall
11/19/2019 Guest speaker
David Kelly (University of Miami)
Topic: TBA
12/3/2019 Guest speaker
Kate Ricke (UC San Diego)
Topic: TBA

Previous Meetings

Spring 2019 Schedule

Lunch cancelled for the Spring 2019 semester.

Fall 2018 Schedule

8/28/2018 Topic: Current Research from CCE Lunch Members
9/11/2018 Reading Club "Global Warming Policy: Is Population Left Out in the Cold? (Bongaarts & O'Neill, 2018)"
9/25/2018 Internal Speaker
Leonie Wenz (UC Berkeley)
Title: "Quantifying Global Road Access and its Trade-offs to Climate Change Mitigation" and "The Impact of Climate Conditions on Economic Production. Evidence from a Global Panel of Regions"
10/09/2018 Guest speaker
Derek Lemoine (University of Arizona)
"Sufficient Statistics for the Cost of Climate Change"
10/23/2018 Guest speaker
Francis Dennig (Standford University & Yale-NUS)
11/06/2018 Topic: TBA
11/27/2018 Guest speaker
Christian Traeger (University of Oslo)
12/11/2018 Topic: TBA

Spring 2018 Schedule

2/1/2018 Reading Club **(1-2pm in 355 GSPP)
"Improving Poverty and Inequality Modelling in Climate Research (Rao et al., 2017)"
2/15/2018 Guest Speaker
Ken Gillingham (Yale)
Title: Time-Consistent Declining Discount Rates
3/1/2018 Internal Speaker
Larry Karp (UC Berkeley)
Title: Asset Prices and Climate Policy
3/15/2018 Guest speaker
Robert Proctor & Benjamin Franta (Stanford)
Title: Weaponizing Economics: Charles River Associates and the Decades-Long Sabotage of Climate Policy
3/29/2018 No Meeting: Spring Break!
4/5/2018 Reading Club
4/19/2018 Internal Speaker
Max Auffhammer (UC Berkeley)
Title: Heat Impacts on Economic Choices in the Lab

Fall 2017 Schedule

8/24/2017 Guest speaker
Armon Rezai (WU Wien)
Title: Climate model uncertainty and the social cost of carbon: A modular approach and a response to climate denialism.
9/7/2017 Guest Speaker
Frances Moore (UC Davis)
Title: Shifting Baselines, Climate Trends, and the Perception of Unusual Weather: Evidence from Twitter.
9/21/2017 Reading Club
"Wrestling with Uncertainty in Climate Economic Models (Brock & Hansen, 2017)"
10/5/2017 Guest speaker
Ulrike Kornek (MCC)
Title: Who Should Abate Carbon Emissions? Optimal Climate Policy when National Preferences Determine its Implementation.
10/19/2017 Guest speaker
Laura Bakkensen (University of Arizona)
Title: Learning from Public Information Under Conflicting Signals: Evidence from U.S. Tornadoes.
11/2/2017 Guest speaker
Lint Barrage (Brown University)
Title: TBA
11/16/2017 Internal Speaker
Lucas Davis (UC Berkeley)
Title: Measuring Global Air Conditioning Potential.
11/30/2017 (248 Giannini) Student Presentations (*Note Room Change)
Hannah Druckenmiller & Jonathan Proctor
Titles: TBA
12/14/2017 TBA

Spring 2017

1/19/2017 Internal speaker
Jonathan Proctor (ARE)
"Estimating Global Agricultural Impacts of Solar Radiation Management using Volcanic Eruptions as Natural Experiments"
Max Auffhammer (ARE)
"Valuing Climate Damages: Updating Estimation of the Social Cost of Carbon Dioxide"
2/2/2017 Reading Club
"Which Social Cost of Carbon? A Theoretical Perspective"
2/16/2017 Guest speaker
Sam Heft-Neal (Stanford)
Title TBA
Felix Pretis (Oxford)
Title TBA
2/23/2017 (GSPP 12:00-1:30) Guest speaker
Delavane Diaz (EPRI)
"Managing Climate Risks with CO2 Mitigation Policy: An illustrative stochastic programming approach with MERGE"
3/2/2017 Guest speaker
David Ubilava (University of Sydney)
"ENSO Shocks, Economic Growth (and International Aid): Evidence and Implications for Developing Countries"
3/9/2017 (Giannini 248) Guest speaker
Terry Iverson (Colorado State)
"Carbon Taxes and Commitment with Non-Constant Time Preference"
3/16/2017 Guest speaker
Wolfram Schlenker (Columbia)
"Weather in Origin Country Significantly Affects Asylum Applications to the European Union"
4/6/2017 Guest speaker
Jim Stock (Harvard)
"Federal Coal Program Reform, the Clean Power Plan, and the Interaction of Upstream and Downstream Climate Policies"
4/20/2017 (248 Giannini) Job Market Talks
5/4/2016 Job Market Talks

Fall 2016

8/25/2016 Reading club
"Which Social Cost of Carbon? A Theoretical Perspective"
9/8/2016 Internal speaker
Severin Borenstein
"Expecting the Unexpected: Emissions Uncertainty and Environmental Market Design"
9/22/2016 Reading club
"A Forward Looking Ricardian Approach: Do Land Markets Capitalize Climate Change Forecasts?"
10/6/2016 Guest speaker
Bob Kopp (Rutgers University)
"Assessing the risks of sea-level rise"
10/20/2016 Reading club
"Price of Long-Run Temperature Shifts in Capital Markets"
11/3/2016 Reading club
"Corporate funding and ideological polarization about climate change"
11/17/2016 Student work-in-progress presentations
12/1/2016 (248 Giannini) Internal speaker
James Sallee
"Corrective Policy and Goodhart’s Law: The Case of Carbon Emissions from Automobiles"
12/15/2016 (248 Giannini) Student work-in-progress presentations

Spring 2016

1/21/2016 Guest speaker
Michael Oppenheimer (Princeton University)
"Sea level rise, deep uncertainty, adaptation, and risk management: a new approach to climate modeling"
2/4/2016 Reading club
First half - NAS Phase 1 report (Max leads discussion)
Second half - Dennig et al. (Deirdre & Tamma lead discussion)
2/18/2016 Reading club
Paris agreement
2/25/2016 Guest speaker
Geoffrey Heal (Columbia University)
"Feeling the Heat: Temperature, Physiology & the Wealth of Nations"
3/3/2016 Internal speaker
Sol Hsiang
Climate Econometrics
3/17/2016 Reading club
3/31/2016 Egg-timer research ideas
4/14/2016 Reading club
4/28/2016 Job market presentations
5/12/2016 Internal speaker
Christian Traeger
"ACE – An Analytic Climate Economy (with Temperature and Uncertainty)"